Crystal Essences use the vibrational energy and properties of crystals and work with your own body.

They contain alcohol as a preservative. Not to be taken internally.


B-Calm is a roll-on crystal essence which contains no essential oils.

10ml – £10

How to use.

Stroke once on inside of wrist, base of neck forehead and just underneath hairline.

Take a deep breath and feel the essence work with you.

It can also be used for restless legs and cool to hot flushes.

Promotes peaceful sleep.

Anoint as often as necessary.


B-Clear is a spray crystal essence.

30ml – £14

How to use.

1. Spray on a singular or handful of crystals to clear and energise them ready for use.

2. Sprays around your aura to clear stagnant energy.

3. Sprays in a room, car or office to clear stale and stagnant energy.

Contains alcohol as a preservative.