A.S., Gourock

35 years ago I had a fall and have had reoccurring bouts of hip and back pain. Last year it became so bad that I was only getting an hours sleep at night. It wasn’t until I received some distant healing from Joan and she gave me a crystal with healing energy in it that the pain started to recede and I got to the stage I didn’t have to carry the crystal all the time and now haven’t needed it for several months.

I have also witnessed Joan treat a friend of mine who had major problems with ulcerated legs, they were swollen, red and inflamed. Within a very short time her legs became pink again visibly less swollen and the ulcer scars were less obvious.

Ayrshire client

I have loved going to Joan’s Crystal therapy. Apart from experiencing deep relaxation and Joan’s attentiveness to strong emotions coming up, I was quite amazed at the positive changes in thinking and attitude that also came later. Thank you Joan.

J.B., Irvine

I find it difficult to put into words, the change that Joan’s gentle, healing hands have made to my life but I’ll try to do her justice. Due to fibroids and the onset of the menopause, I had been suffering a great deal of pain and very heavy bleeding for several years. I was constantly bloated, tired and lethargic, I actually felt miserable a lot of the time. For relief I was having to take prescribed pain killers, anti inflammatories, which I’d rather not have, along with iron tablets. Joan was recommended to me by a friend, who said “she is a wonderful crystal healer”.

I made my appointment and attended what I expected would be the first of maybe three or four sessions, I was wrong. Joan explained the procedure before she started and I felt totally at ease when she commenced with the treatment. I’m not going into how the treatment felt for me because I imagine it would be different for each individual. I will say though, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Immediately afterwards my pain had gone completely, I was very surprised by this. Joan gave me the time I needed to get myself feeling totally grounded (this was helped by the delicious tea and chocolate she served me), before she allowed me to leave to drive home. That day my bleeding stopped and didn’t return for three full weeks. This may not seem unusual to most people but for me it was an amazing result. Normally I would have only four or five days break in each month. This had a huge positive impact on my day to day life, allowing me to have a social life once more. Many months after that first session, the pain did return but only slight and the same with the bleeding. One treatment and I am no longer having to take medication, which I am very pleased about.

I have found Joan to be a lady of great integrity and who is passionate about delivering healing of the highest standard. I would most definitely recommend her to anyone who is suffering.

Relaxed, Ayrshire

I have experienced several treatments from Joan including Reiki, Crystal Therapy, and Energy Hook Removal. Joan is a very caring therapist who listens and responds to how you are feeling. The difference after any of her treatments has helped me move forward with confidence in many areas of my life. In treating painful conditions her intuitive knowledge and way of working with crystals has been especially effective. You leave feeling very relaxed, stress free and enjoy the best night’s sleep.

C.Y., Ayrshire

I went to Joan for crystal therapy as I had low confidence and was struggling with my job and wanting to make changes in my life.
In total I had 2 Crystal sessions and one Energy Hook treatment over a period of  2 months. Joan also gave me a crystal gift after the sessions to hold if I needed a confidence boost or felt stressed which I carried in my pocket. The sessions definitely helped as by the end of them I had a new job with better prospects and feel more confident and positive about the future.

C.B., Ayrshire

I received an ’energy hook removal’ therapy session from Joan. The session itself was given in a friendly, compassionate manner, with care given to my needs. When it was finished we talked over a hot cuppa’, about what came up in my thoughts and feelings. Joan listened attentively to that which I was willing to share. She offered guidance and wisdom from a fresh perspective, with the positive intention of helping me to resolve some of my life’s past issues, feelings and emotions. After the treatment, I felt more vibrant, my face looked brighter, more youthful and my mind lighter, as if a heavy burden had been lifted.

J. B., Irvine

A few months ago I was lucky enough to experience a new therapy from Joan. On the day of my appointment, I was excited and nervous at the same time. This was a new treatment which I had never heard of. I usually go on recommendations from friends who have tried and tested before me but because it was Joan whom I trust completely, I was eager to give it a go.

The therapy itself is very simple and not emotionally challenging like I had feared, that said, the effect from it still continues today. Apart from the traumas I had gone through in my lifetime and which I thought I had dealt with, the ones that I blocked out, or just put to the back of my mind, there were also simple things that I never thought of which were having an effect on how I lived my life. It wasn’t until Joan was asking me certain questions, which while answering, I could feel the discord within me. There was more holding me back than I realised. The accumulation of all these subjects on our physical body, can leave us drenched in negative and sometimes toxic energy.

Joan worked patiently with me while using her special crystal, I remember thinking to myself at the beginning, how powerful her crystal was. Joan freed me from several energy hooks that day. I can’t remember how long the session lasted for, I just remember an overwhelming sense of calm when the therapy was over. It took me a couple of days to process the shifts that had taken place. I was now able to revisit events from my past without tearing up, I didn’t feel stuck, as I had previously. I am no longer attached to any miserable part of my life’s story, nor do I carry any of it around with me like excess baggage, weighing me down emotionally. What I do have now, is a new sense of freedom.

Thank you Joan for you patience and the caring manner in which you carry out your healing.