If anyone is considering a bit of spiritual guidance or comfort, or just at a crossroads in their life as I am, I highly recommend Joan at Earth Star Therapies to help them along.

My reading today via video link was most enlightening and accurate and has helped me considerably with decisions arising in my life and in the near future. Sometimes all we need is the acknowledgement that we are trying our best!

Joan is excellent and so friendly, and has given me so much upliftment xx

Blessings Joan your reading on Monday was just what I needed. Thank you for who you are.

I was a bit sceptical about Spiritual readings. Joan not only brought through family members from Spirit, she gave accurate evidence of their life, names, and family events. As well as some personal information that no-one would know about. The reading left me feeling much happier and completely believing

I am absolutely overwhelmed with the reading I have just had from Joan. The balance of everything was simply perfect. Things after one hour are already happening. The level of comfort that I felt was amazing, thank you Joan. I look forward to seeing you again.

WoW! Joan gave me information from Spirit on family and events. The most amazing bit was information on a relative that I only connected with the day after the reading. Joan accurately gave me their job and where they stayed and other information about their life.

Joan is a wonderful teacher, kind supportive and caring.

Joan’s workshops and meditations are full of fun, full of learning and leave you feeling uplifted. They are always informative.

Crystal Therapies

I visited Joan for Crystal Therapy as I had low confidence and was struggling with my job and wanting to make major changes in my life.

In total I had 2 Crystal sessions and one Energy Hook treatment over a period of 2 months. Joan also gave me a crystal gift after the sessions to hold if I needed a confidence boost or felt stressed which I carried in my pocket. The sessions helped me to move forward as by the end of them I had a new job with better prospects and feel more confident and positive about the future.

Sound Treatments

Ayrshire Client

I was feeling very stressed when I came for a treatment and after just one session, I have never felt more relaxed and at peace, it was amazing my head was much clearer and my body felt lighter.